Sunday, July 12, 2015

An evening with the First Family

The First Family took Jan and me to their private quarters and made us feel right at home. Jan and I washed up, put our things away in our rooms (and yes they are letting me stay (IN THE WHITE HOUSE!) and then we settled in the living room to eat some dinner and watch the news. Guess what was the hot topic! ME! Looks like I will be dodging paparazzi again!

After dinner, the President, Jan, the girls, and I hung out in the living room, talking and laughing and having a great time. I think Michelle was doing the dishes.

Later in the evening, the First Lady told us she had a surprise. She took Jan and me downstairs where there was a reception in our honor, but that wasn't the surprise. The surprise was a special guest. It was none other than our great friend, the one, the only, RAFRANZ DAVIS!!!! We were so excited! Jan asked if Rafranz could stay overnight and Michelle said, "Of course! Rafranz stays with us all the time. She can stay in her usual room." We just looked at Rafranz and laughed, because it didn't surprise us at all!

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