Monday, July 13, 2015

R. J. Stangherlin the famous blogger

Jan and I set out to look for DEN Stars on the Mall. Our first find, we would have known anywhere! Jan insisted on getting some coffee, despite the fact I was ready to roll. Seriously, who was doing the walking anyway? In this instance, I was glad she was addicted to caffeine, though. While Jan stood in the long line waiting for a Grande Mocha, I spotted the uber famous DEN blogger, R.J. Stangherlin! She called me over and I sat down. We had a grand old time talking about the good ole days. She's not just an amazing blogger, you know! She's a farmer, too. We talked about the hay dilemma in Pennsylvania and how we haven't been able to string together three days without rain to get a good bale of hay. (It's going to be a bleak winter!) We talked about R.J.'s battle with cancer and how brave she fought, and how amazing it was that she is here in DC with the DEN! Lastly, we talked about our love of the DEN. By then, Jan had gotten through the line and finally got her coffee. She barely had enough time to hug her, before R.J. was on her way. I told Jan I would fill her in on everything we talked about. If you want to learn more about this amazing lady,

Here is a link to her most recent blog post, but I am sure you will find many more now that our friend RJ is "back in the saddle!"

R. J. Stangherlin and Sweetie at Starbucks

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  1. What a hoot. I just love it. You are a wonder, Jan.