Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sweetie has arrived!

Today was a big day! First, one of the President's helicopters arrived at Abernethy Acres to pick up Jan and me. They flew us to Pittsburgh airport. There was such a crowd! I don't know how they knew about the president flying in, but the paparazzi were everywhere. They seemed to be as excited to see me as they were to see the President. I could hear people shouting all around me, "Sweetie, Sweetie, Sweetie!" Some even seemed to know it was my birthday, because they were wishing me a happy birthday! My guess is that the white house PR crew was looking at this as some kind of good ratings boost for the democratic party. Politics! I don't care! Just so I get to Washington D.C. to see all my DEN friends, old and new!!!! I hope you like this video. Jan put it together from some of the TV footage she found. When we got to the white house, everybody from back home was calling to tell us how we had become local celebrities and that we were all over the news. We didn't tell them, it wasn't just local. We were on the news right here in D.C., too. Of course, I don't let that stuff go to my head too much anymore. Like I told you before. I was born famous!

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